"Wonka" regained top spot, while "The Color Purple" thrived. Overall, ticket sales reached $9 billion, up from 2022 but $2 billion below pre-pandemic levels.

Lack of a major blockbuster; diverse films like "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," "The Boys in the Boat," and more aimed for success.

Performance of "Aquaman" Sequel: Struggled at $84.7 million in two weeks, significantly less than its predecessor's $215.4 million in a similar timeframe.

Success of "The Color Purple": Led Christmas box office with $50 million in a strong start, poised for awards season success.

Box Office Strategy: Warner Bros. capitalized on a sparse holiday movie landscape for "The Color Purple" release.

Industry crossed $9 billion at year-end, 21% higher than 2022, but below the high peaks seen earlier in the year.

Films like "Migration," "The Boys in the Boat," and "Anyone But You" showcased varied success and audience reception.

Despite streaming trends, Sony's "Anyone But You" highlighted that romantic comedies can still draw audiences to theaters, earning $27.6 million in its run.