Stray Kids' Felix achieves a remarkable milestone, becoming UNICEF's youngest Honors Club member, recognized by the Korean Committee for UNICEF for his exceptional philanthropy.

 The Korean Committee for UNICEF highlights Felix's groundbreaking donation of 100 million won, emphasizing his consistent leadership in supporting underprivileged communities.

 Felix's historic membership in UNICEF's Honors Club marks his commitment to aiding children in Laos facing challenges in health and nutrition due to water sanitation issues.

 Sharing his motivation, Felix expresses a desire to share love and ensure a healthier environment for the children of Laos.

 Felix's philanthropic journey extends to Save the Children, where he joined the Honors Club in 2023, showcasing his unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes.

 Notably, Felix initiated an annual birthday donation tradition to Save the Children, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to charitable initiatives since 2020.

 His impact transcends borders, with his generous contributions making a significant difference in aiding vulnerable communities worldwide.

 Felix's philanthropic endeavors underscore his altruism and commitment to creating positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the global philanthropic landscape.