Verification of Title and Ownership: Legal experts emphasize verifying property documents to avoid disputes.

Ahead of the Ram Mandir inauguration, Ayodhya sees heightened interest from investors, including seniors and NRIs.

Land prices soar significantly—4 to 10 times higher—attributed to increased demand post the Supreme Court verdict in 2019.

Average land prices in outskirts surge from ₹400-700/sq. ft. (2019) to ₹1,500-3,000/sq. ft. in 2023. City limits witness a jump from ₹1,000-2,000/sq. ft. to ₹4,000-6,000/sq. ft.

Zoning laws, construction norms, and potential restrictions need careful scrutiny, as advised by legal experts.

Buyers urged to assess existing infrastructure, utilities, and accessibility, which significantly affect property value.

Understanding city plans and potential changes in local regulations provides foresight into property appreciation.

Housing projects depend on the city's influx of religious tourists. Ayodhya Development Authority plans plotted schemes spread over 80 acres