Aquaman 2, despite early concerns, holds steady at the box office, defying expectations akin to The Marvels, heading towards a respectable lifetime gross.

James Wan's Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom faced initial critical backlash but sustained a stable theatrical run, showing consistent weekend jumps.

Initially feared to fall short of $100 million domestically, Aquaman 2 has now crossed the mark, currently standing at $100.02 million in North America.

The film earned $30.3 million in its third weekend, experiencing a 40% drop from the previous week but maintaining a decent performance.

Globally, Aquaman 2 has grossed $334.82 million, with the domestic box office contributing $100.02 million and the overseas market accounting for $234.80 million.

An upcoming release in Japan is expected to bolster the film's worldwide earnings, especially considering the first Aquaman's successful $14.80 million business in the country.

Despite mixed performance, Aquaman 2 is on the brink of achieving a significant global milestone: becoming the first DCEU film since 2018 to breach the $400 million mark.

 This accomplishment will end a four-year gap within the franchise, highlighting Aquaman 2's potential to reignite the DCEU's box office success.