Jo Koy hosted the 81st Golden Globe Awards, but his joke about Taylor Swift's NFL camera time drew attention when it seemingly fell flat with her.

During the live broadcast, Koy quipped about the contrast between Golden Globes' camera shots and the NFL's focus on Swift during her boyfriend's games.

Swift's reaction, captured on camera, showed her sipping her drink and maintaining a deadpan expression as the audience reacted with a mix of laughter and gasps.

 Speaking with ET's Denny Directo at Billboard's Golden Globes after-party, Koy brushed off the viral moment, describing it as "cute" and emphasizing the fewer cutaways comment.

 Directo suggested Swift's drink was a response, to which Koy jokingly replied, "Aww, man," maintaining a light-hearted demeanor.

Despite the perceived cool reception from Swift, Koy expressed contentment with hosting and celebrated the significant wins for the AAPI community at the awards.

He highlighted the broader significance of the AAPI victories, expressing that these wins were not just for one individual but for the entire community.

 Koy seemed upbeat and pleased with the overall experience of hosting despite the viral attention around the Swift moment.