Director Adam Wingard hints at the remarkable transformation of the iconic Titans in the upcoming 'Godzilla vs. Kong.'

 Total Film's latest covers offer a sneak peek into the new looks of Godzilla and Kong in the MonsterVerse installment.

 The Titans appear significantly upgraded, presenting a revamped and enhanced appearance, described by Wingard as a "glow-up."

 The film explores the union of these former adversaries against a novel threat, promising an exciting narrative in the MonsterVerse.

Total Film's exclusive content dives into the realm of the MonsterVerse, featuring insights from Wingard, actors Rebecca Hall and Dan Stevens, and the creative team behind the movie's resurgence.

 The feature highlights the anticipated appearance of a younger Kong and teases further surprises for fans beyond the initial trailer reveal.

 Wingard expresses admiration for the 'late-Shōwa era' and hints at incorporating grand ideas and enjoyable aspects from that period into the film.

 The director hints at the film's setting within the Hollow Earth, suggesting potential variations in this environment and promising explanations for the Titans' .