Bollywood icon Deepika Padukone celebrates her 38th birthday, known for her influential presence and top-tier status in the film industry.

 Her net worth reportedly hits Rs 500 crore, marking her as one of Bollywood's highest tax-paying actors.

 Forbes notes her 2019 income at Rs 48 crore, and she remains the only female actor among India's highest individual taxpayers.

 Padukone commands Rs 15-20 crore for movies and Rs 8 crore for brand endorsements, boasting associations with Louis Vuitton, Levi’s, Pepsi, and more.

 Her endorsements span diverse sectors from fashion to airlines, contributing to her wide recognition nationwide.

 Beyond films and endorsements, Padukone invests in startups like BluSmart and Blue Tokai, diversifying her income sources.

 Her real estate portfolio includes properties in Mumbai's Beaumonde Towers and Alibaug, along with a serviced apartment in Bengaluru bought in 2012.

 Not just a powerhouse on-screen, Padukone's financial moves and diverse investments illustrate her business acumen and astute financial planning.