J.A. Bayona's 'Society of the Snow' meticulously captures the 1972 Andes plane crash, distinguishing itself from 'Alive' with a commitment to realism in dialogue and attire

Filming at the crash site and Grenada's ski resort at 2,000 meters altitude, the crew faced challenges traveling hours for crucial shots, a significant element for Bayona.

Real-life survivor Carlitos Páez portrays his father, Carlitos Sr., reading off survivor names, marking a poignant tribute to his father's legacy and the ordeal.

Nando Parrado, another survivor, appears in a family scene before Agustín Pardella portrays him boarding the ill-fated flight, aligning with Parrado's involvement in recounting the story.

Roberto Canessa, credited for the miraculous hike, plays a guiding doctor to his fictional counterpart, a meaningful reflection of his transformation into a pediatric cardiologist.

The film honors Numa Turcatti, the last to perish at the crash site, by including his nephew, Joaquín De Freitas Turcatti, creating an emotional hidden layer.

'Society of the Snow' uses real deceased names except for the pilots, emphasizing Bayona's intent to honor both survivors and the deceased as one collective "society.

Casting predominantly inexperienced actors from Argentina and Uruguay underscores the film's focus on the people involved rather than star power, aligning with the survivors' story.