Corey Taylor cancels his North American solo tour due to deteriorating mental and physical health, prioritizing his family's well-being.

 The tour, set for February 3 to March 3 with DES ROCS and JIGSAW YOUTH support, was axed, confirmed in Taylor's heartfelt social media statement.

 Taylor explained his decision, citing severe mental and physical health issues impacting both his family and himself.

 Fans who purchased tickets will receive full refunds, Taylor assured, expressing gratitude to supporters, bandmates, and loved ones.

Recently wrapping tours for his album "CMF2," Taylor's solo venture showcased his versatility as a musician, handling vocals, guitars, piano, and mandolin across the record's 13 tracks.

 The follow-up album, currently in production with 26 recorded songs, includes tracks like "Beyond" and "Post Traumatic Blues."

 "CMFT," Taylor's previous solo effort, yielded hits like "Black Eyes Blue" and "CMFT Must Be Stopped," reaching No. 6 on Billboard's U.S. Top Rock Albums chart.

Taylor commenced recording for "CMF2" early January in Las Vegas, joined by his solo band and producer Jay Ruston, marking another chapter in his solo journey.