Netflix removed the Indian film "Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food" on Thursday due to backlash from Hindu activists, objecting to its depictions of meat-eating and inter-religious romance.

The film, the second-most watched Netflix feature in India before removal, follows the story of a Hindu priest's daughter aspiring to become a top chef, abandoning strict vegetarianism

Hindu activists criticized the film for its portrayal of a romance between the protagonist and a Muslim classmate, transcending religious boundaries

Social media campaigns advocating for a boycott and immediate removal of the film gained momentum, contributing to its withdrawal from Netflix's offerings.

Critics celebrated the film's removal, with a Hindu activist group suggesting the filmmakers acknowledged their mistake, emphasizing a stance against "Hindu bashing."

An activist, Ramesh Solanki, filed a police complaint, alleging the film promoted "love jihad," further intensifying the controversy.

Agence France-Presse reached out to Netflix's India arm for comment, seeking the streaming service's perspective on the controversy.

The incident aligns with a broader trend of digital platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, avoiding content that could offend religious sentiments in India